Beat Holiday Boredom

During the school term routines take over and children may get out of the habit of managing free time. There is also less time for parents and children to be together. Holidays can be a time when parents decide that doing things with their children will be a priority and they will use the time to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Children love doing things with parents.

  • Try to arrange some individual time with each child if you can, as well as family time – this helps build good relationships and helps your children’s self-esteem.
  • Just one different activity each day will help keep children interested and looking forward to it.
  • Remember children do not need to be ‘entertained’ all the time. Just a change of place or a few suggestions can help them to be very creative on their own.
  • Sometimes saying “I’m bored” is another way of saying “I want you to play with me”, and sometimes the child has not even started to try to think of what to do himself.

Things you and your child can do that don’t cost money to beat holiday boredom

  • Go to the library
  • Take a friend or the dog for a walk
  • Start a collection – shells, flowers (dried between kitchen paper), stamps from used envelopes etc.
  • Organize your photos
  • Make something
  • Free activities at the shopping center
  • Practice skills such as skipping, throwing, kicking…
  • Write a story or start a novel
  • Learn to knit or sew
  • Use games that are on the computer
  • Cook something
  • Visit parks
  • Start a hobby
  • Play dress up
  • Write a diary
  • Painting
  • Clean and organize your room
  • Picnic in the garden or park
  • Acting, making up plays, then put them on for the family
  • Do yoga
  • Make up a dance routine
  • Play games you have – ie: card games, board games
  • Help mom, dad or grandparents
  • Visit friends
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