Montessori Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Inner Awareness 

In our training, we emphasize mindfulness to our instructors to make sure they are able to consciously create space for our students. We recognize that as diligent as our instructors are, like all humans they aren’t free from their own faults. However, we require our instructors to be mindful of their internal thought patterns and tendencies. In doing so, students and instructors can engage more cooperatively without the instructor projecting issues that would interfere with your child’s learning. 

Training Methods 

Training for Montessori is intensive, which takes place for a full academic year with an experienced Montessori trainer from the Association Montessori Internationale. This Association was developed by Dr. Montessori to carry on her legacy of education principles. 

Additionally, teacher-trainers have spent at least four years as apprentice trainers after at least five years of Montessori teaching. With experienced trainers and proven training methods, your child will be exposed to instructors prepared to communicate to your child from a place of care and awareness. 

Careful Observation 

Another focal point of Montessori training involves paying special attention and care to your child. According to Maria Montessori, the indicator of a good teacher is a teacher who “must be ready to be there whenever he/she is called upon in order to attest their love and confidence.” She asserts that as Montessori teachers it is important to always be there for students. 

In addition, Maria Montessori emphasized that the fundamental quality of a good teacher was being a careful observer of children and aware of when it was time for the child to learn a new lesson. Here at Meadow Montessori we cultivate and uphold these core principles of Maria Montessori to ensure your child is able to thrive in a safe environment conducive for them to be at their best.


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