Meadow Montessori

Read Together Lead Together Part 2

Learn Different Topics 

When your child is exposed to diverse topics from books that teach empathy, kindness, and acceptance. Multicultural books that highlight people from different religions, races, and lifestyles will enhance how your child approaches new situations. Additionally, when your child sees themselves in a book they gain role models and something to emulate. 

Imagination & Creativity 

Another great benefit of reading with your child is watching them use their imaginations. Seeing the excitement in your child’s eyes is priceless. This is a great use of skills that your child will need later on to express their creativity in the world.

Develop Empathy

Bilingual Kidspot mentions when your child uses their imagination and is able to place themselves in the story, it can benefit their learning and empathy development. Reading with your child exposes them to emotions and how to relate to them. With more engagement from your child while reading, they begin to identify with certain characters and what they are feeling. 


With access to so much technology, you can read together and make sure your child is not overusing electronics. Reading a book with your child can be just as entertaining, and less detrimental than the negative effects of screen time.  

Creating Bonds

This is especially important for parents who work or have a busy lifestyle. Taking the time to read with your child in the evening is a great way to engage with them and build closer bonds. Also, while enjoying each other’s company, reading provides a great opportunity for both of you to wind down at the end of the day.