Meadow Montessori

Read Together Lead Together


Prepare for Success 

Your kid is like a sponge and the more you read to them, the more knowledge they absorb. Knowledge is paramount in all aspects of life,  reading to your kids at an early age provides them with skills needed for when they start to read themselves. Studies show that reading to babies and toddlers early prepares them for school down the line.

Develop Language skills 

When you communicate with your children on a daily basis your vocabulary becomes repetitive, books allow for exposure to vocabulary on different topics. Additionally, children who speak more than one language reading is an effective way to help their language skills and fluency.

Brain Exercise 

Research from experts at Science Daily shows that when children have reading exposure at home, specific areas of the brain pertaining to language development are affected. Reading may give your child the boost they need to excel in school. 

Enhance Concentration

Reading with your toddler can be challenging with the squirming, and eagerness to turn pages, but reading to your toddler is important at this age. With the daily reading, your child will learn to sit still and concentrate for longer periods of time. This can be of great benefit when your child enters school and is able to concentrate.

Thirst for Knowledge

Your child is already brimming with questions and reading will enhance their desire to uncover answers from the information presented to them. Also, this will provide you with the opportunity to speak about what is happening and use this as a teachable moment for your child. 

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