Lunch Menu

It is astounding how much children grow and learn in their early years. Modern brain and nutrition research show a link between good nutrition and learning. Basically, healthy food in the body creates a healthy mind.

Educating our children to make good nutritional choices supports:
1. Increased mental performance, concentration and sharpened memory
2. Consistency of mood
3. Eating foods that are more effectively used by the body
4. The establishment of lifelong healthy eating habits

Please keep in mind that what your child eats for breakfast and lunch can affect his/her entire day! In an effort to create an optimal learning environment for our students, we ask that you please pack nutritional meals for your child.

Lunches may also be ordered from our outside lunch service, The Simply Fresh Kitchen. Ordering is done online through their website. The lunches are delivered hot each day, individually packaged with each child’s name on it.