Montessori Myths

A myth is defined as “a widely held but false belief or idea.” That being said, it isn’t hard to believe that there are common myths held about Montessori schools. Below, we take a look at some common myths associated with Montessori schools and debunk them so that you have a clearer understanding of what Montessori programs have to offer your child.

Myth: Montessori isn’t academically rigorous.

Truth: Traditional education centers around a teacher directing students how to learn and telling them what they need to know for testing purposes. At Meadow Montessori, we teach our students to think outside of the classroom, to determine whether they need to work independently or collaboratively, and to actively find solutions to problems.

The curriculum of Montessori schools focuses on teaching students how to learn and self-direct. Montessori programs do not just teach children to memorize facts for a test. Because of this, children are empowered to be more in control of their own education. It also fosters curiosity and helps students achieve at higher levels with greater interest.

Montessori refers to their approach as “student-directed learning,” and the belief is that this approach better prepares students for college and life in the real world after high school.

Myth: Montessori schools allow children to do whatever they want in the classrooms.

Truth: While there is “freedom within limits” in Montessori schools, it always occurs under the supervision of trained educators. Classrooms at Montessori schools are designed to promote engagement and stimulate interest in age-appropriate subjects. Students are encouraged to follow what interests them, but they are ultimately guided by teachers and by their classroom surroundings.

We’re Here to Bust the Myths!
freedom within limitsin Montessori schools
Meadow Montessori is committed to providing an innovative and academically challenging curriculum that empowers our students to be independent thinkers and future leaders. If there are any questions that you may have about Montessori programs, get in contact with us so that we can answer them for you.