Let Montessori Techniques Benefit You This Summer

Summer is here! The school year came and went. As a parent, you’re probably wondering how you will keep all the incredible benefits of your child’s Montessori education going now that school is out. Don’t worry because the Montessori method is just as applicable at home as it is in the classroom. Here are some ways that you and your child can benefit from the Montessori method this summer.

Read, read, read!

Studies have consistently shown that children that grow up in “reading families” are more academically successful. Establish read-aloud routines at home. Make it part of your daily activities to enjoy reading aloud to your children, even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes at a time. Reverse roles with older children and let them read aloud to you. Don’t forget to keep yourself reading too. Children that see their parents reading are more likely to think of reading as a fun activity.

Let Nature be Your Guide

Summer is the ideal time to let the great outdoors become your child’s learning environment. If possible, get outside with your child every day– even when it’s raining. Take walks together, letting your child set the pace. Stop and take notice of your surroundings then talk about what you see/ hear/ smell/ etc. Let your child have a place to grow things. Start a “nature collection,” such as rocks, flowers, or leaves.

Be Sensational

Sensorial activities are another necessary component of the Montessori Method. Your child needs an abundance of sensory information to build the neurological connections that are essential to human intelligence. This is one of the most natural and integral ways in which human beings learn and develop. Sensorial development is the foundation on which your child will build their intelligence. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to come up with sensory materials and activities. Learning materials should help your child learn concepts like color, shape, texture, temperature, weight, volume, tone, fragrance, and flavor.

Conquer the Summer

Although summer is a time in which children get a break from school, parents can make sure their children continue learning and expanding upon the lessons they learned during the school year by applying techniques from the Montessori method at home. Check back here for more ways our techniques can benefit you and your child this summer.