Learning by Doing

In the video, we see a mother cutting pineapple. She decides that the only way to teacher her daughter how to cut pineapple is to show her and have her practice. When her daughter wants to sell pineapple ice cream, her mother tells her to observe how other vendors sell their items. After watching how others do it, the young girl tries it herself.

This adorable video shows the importance of meaningful experiences for young children. Children learn by doing, and exploring their environment. Most real-world learning happens because of necessity. There is an intrinsic motivation to know how or why. Hands-on activities with true purpose create more connections in the brain than just watching or listening to someone else.

As soon as your child can walk, he/she wants to be your shadow, copying your movements and helping you. Anytime children learn to do something for themselves (put on jacket, tie shoes, etc.) it increases their independence and self-confidence.

Often times, well-meaning adults try to “help” young children with tasks; thus, taking away that valuable learning experience. The role of parents and teachers is to provide a safe and supportive environment that allows the child to explore, discover and problem solve. Adults must also be a good role model. Children are awesome imitators – they will do as you do (not as you say).