Enrolling Your Child at Meadow Montessori School

How Can Parents Facilitate Enrolling Their Children?

Children benefit from a year-round educational program tailored to students’ individual needs. The school’s individualized curriculum makes it easy for students to adjust to the learning environment and feel a part of their group studies, regardless of when they join the classroom.

Students Welcome to Join Any Time

Although the school encourages parents to enroll their children at the beginning of the school year, students are welcome to join at any time there is a vacancy on the school’s waiting list. Transfer students are also accepted throughout the school year. Parents who find Montessori training more conducive to their children’s learning are welcome to seek an opening at the school at any time during the school year.

At Meadow Montessori School, students benefit from the help and support of experienced Montessori teachers who work with children individually to ensure they are learning and progressing in their studies. Children are encouraged to learn at their own rate, using the materials and lesson plans developed by qualified Montessori personnel. Students follow a sequential curriculum; however, studies are introduced at a child’s level of development. This enables them to start at a level they’re comfortable with and increase their abilities and skills over time, according to their capacity to learn.

Montessori Child Learns

Prior to joining their kindergarten program, Meadow Montessori School requires that children participate in a structured half hour classroom visit for observation. At this time, a qualified staff member will interview and evaluate children for school readiness. Children who have demonstrated a readiness for learning are more apt to enjoy the stimulating environment that Montessori classrooms have to offer. They’ll also get more from the school’s educational program. Once the school has determined children are school ready, parents can proceed with the enrollment process.

Meadow Montessori School requires that parents complete the following requirements for enrolling their children into the school’s kindergarten program:

  • Enrollment application for each child
  • Up to date immunization records
  • Current Health Statement from child’s pediatrician
  • Emergency card with current contact information of parents and/or legal guardians
  • Photocopy of both parents’ driver’s licenses
  • Original copy of Tuition and Policies Agreement signed by parents and/or legal guardians
  • Advance payment of security deposit and registration fees
  • Advance payment of monthly tuition (prorated for those starting late in the month)

Enrollment opens up a whole new world in a child’s educational development and growth. Contact us for more information, today!