Meadow Montessori curiosity.

I would like to visit your school. Do I need to schedule a tour?

We prefer that you schedule a tour with us. Tours of Meadow Montessori are offered between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM, or you can call us to arrange a time that best accommodates your schedule.

Reading about our school is one thing, but actually seeing our staff and students in action is quite another. All prospective students and parents are strongly encouraged to tour our campus to witness the power of Montessori methodology. Let us show you how Montessori methodology maximizes the learning experience for every child!

Schedule a Tour of Meadow Montessori School, Today

At Meadow Montessori School, we understand the importance of finding a quality school for our children. We provide the best early childhood experience. Let the Meadow Montessori School inspire your child and encourage a joy and love for learning!

Meadow Montessori curiosity.

Look for the Difference

More than just any daycare in Richmond or anywhere else, we offer both care and educational support for all of its students. See how our students interact, make note of learning activities, and see how our school can help benefit your child’s growth, nurturing, and happiness. Even if you are familiar with the concept of a Montessori school, seeing this style of education in action is inspiring for many families.

Are you curious to see all that Meadow Montessori school has to offer? Contact us to schedule a tour of our Montessori school, today!