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Does Meadow Montessori School offer a physical education program?

Yes, Meadow Montessori does offer a physical education (P.E.) program. Our Montessori program is designed to encourage your child to engage in a healthy living.

Meadow Montessori physical education.

As part of our general curriculum, once a week, we have P.E., Spanish, and Music classes. The children are encouraged to visit our library as often as possible and check out a book. We also have yoga programs in the classroom, as well as cooking projects once a month.

Meadow Montessori P.E. Classes

The Meadow Montessori School provides P.E. classes specially tailored for children, based on their age groups. Students participate in a variety of fun and age-appropriate activities that promote physical fitness for children.

After-School & Summer Programs at Meadow Montessori School

Meadow Montessori School offers a well-rounded After-School program for 5-12 year old students. During the after school program, students receive a healthy snack, get help on homework assignments, and participate in enrichment activities to help them relax after a long day, which includes P.E.

Students in the after-school program will participate in fun and age-appropriate activities that promote physical fitness for children. This includes a wide variety of sports, ranging from basketball, to dancing and yoga classes.

Premier Montessori Physical Education Program

Our early childhood educators at Meadow Montessori School provide premier P.E. programs that provide more enrichment to your child than any other school or daycare in Richmond, Texas. Contact us to schedule a tour of our Montessori school, today.