Meadow Montessori equal monthly payments.

I see that tuition is monthly; however, some months have 3 weeks and others 5 weeks. Will my tuition vary?

Your tuition will not vary because tuition is fairly divided into nine equal payments.

Meadow Montessori equal monthly payments.

Fairly Divided and Convenient Monthly Payments

The annual tuition total is calculated with shorter and longer months taken into consideration, as well as all school holidays. That total is then divided into nine equal payments.

Tuition is Prorated if Children Enroll Later

Tuition is prorated for children starting school later in any month. It must be noted that tuition will not be prorated if school days are missed due to sickness or personal vacation time. Again, school holidays are taken into consideration for the equal monthly payments.

Tuition Requirements Prior to Enrollment

Since Montessori offers an individualized learning program, a child may enroll any time during the year. As vacancies occur during the year, they will be filled from the waiting list. To be placed on the waiting list, all enrollment forms, registration, and security fees must be submitted.

Providing we have a space available, Meadow Montessori School requires that parents complete the following tuition requirements for enrolling their children:

  • Original copy of Tuition and Policies Agreement signed by parents and/or legal guardians
  • Security Deposit paid in full
  • Registration fee paid in full
  • Monthly tuition paid (will be prorated if starting later in the month)

Enrollment in our Meadow Montessori School Montessori kindergarten in Richmond, Texas opens up a whole new world in a child’s educational development and growth. Schedule a tour of Meadow Montessori private school in Richmond, Texas, today!