Montessori school Richmond

How does Meadow Montessori School differ from any other kindergarten in Richmond?

Education is best when it is tailored to the person. This is as true for children as it is for adults. Children attending kindergarten at Meadow Montessori School in Richmond, Texas find that they are part of a working community of students whose natural curiosity is rewarded with more opportunities to explore. They may learn at their own pace with no worries that they must follow the pack.

Community at Meadow Montessori School

In a typical kindergarten classroom, children receive their education from teachers and aides working only with peers who are the same age. The environment at Meadow Montessori School is positively unique.

In the Montessori classroom, children of varying ages (e.g. 3-6) work together in a community environment. They learn together, teach each other, and provide support for one another as they pursue their personal educational goals. The children are given the tools necessary to create the environment that works for them with minimal adult input. They become more independent as they learn to work together.

Montessori school Richmond

Natural Curiosity

In Meadow Montessori School, teachers recognize that children are naturally curious. The Montessori environment encourages curiosity in a moderately structured arrangement.

The teacher creates a classroom that allows children to study and practice subjects that interest them with as much freedom as possible. As the children progress along their early education experience, they are able to apply some of their knowledge to real-world ideas and problems.

Self-Paced Learning

The ability to set one’s own pace is perhaps the greatest benefit of a Montessori education. Many parents worry that a traditional school environment will fail to meet their child’s unique needs. A self-paced approach to education is the answer.

With Meadow Montessori’s low student/teacher ratio, children who need a little more time working with a topic will receive that time and assistance as needed. In subjects where children excel, they may complete the basics and try out more complicated experiments.

Kindergarten is many children’s first experience with a formal classroom environment. When children are educated according to the Montessori method, they are provided the chance to work together, select their own interests and study at their own speed. This culminates in an education that better prepares them for the real world.