Empowered student.

Why should I choose a Montessori private school in Richmond as opposed to a public school?

Provide your child high quality early childhood education. A Montessori private school provides developmentally appropriate learning activities designed to develop the whole child, not just intellectually, but socially and emotionally as well. Choose a school for your child that’s dedicated to providing a creative curriculum that challenges young minds and develops today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

Empowered student.

Education that Empowers Students

Choosing a Montessori private school in Richmond, Texas ensures that children with all learning styles keep up to speed or even exceed their peers. Meadow Montessori is a private school in Richmond with a low student/teacher ratio, which ensures our Montessori curriculum being individualized. Our students are never bored waiting for other children to catch up, and never left behind if they need more time to truly understand a new concept.

The teachers at our Montessori private school in Richmond are especially highly qualified to guide children in Montessori philosophy and methodology. Our mission at Meadow Montessori School in Richmond, Texas is to provide an innovative and academically challenging curriculum that empowers our students to be independent thinkers and future leaders.

Curriculum at Meadow Montessori

Montessori educators provide students with a prepared environment. This type of environment nurtures the student’s natural curiosity while promoting creativity. Prepared environments encourage cooperative learning as the students work together to accomplish their goals. Materials, spaces, and equipment are specifically designed to support the individual child’s developmental learning stages while developing proficiency in Language and Math Skills, Integrated Cultural Studies, Sensorial Activities and Practical Life Exercises.

Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not from explanation,” said Maria Montessori, the Montessori Method Founder.

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