Montessori daycare in Richmond.

What if someone other than a parent will pick up my child?

You may authorize other adults to pick up your child whenever needed by placing them on the authorized pickup list that’s found within your child’s emergency card. When picking up your child, the authorized adult(s) will simply be required to complete the pickup form that is found on our front desk and provide a valid photo ID.

As your child’s parent or legal guardian, you may, of course, pick up your child at any time. Should you choose to pick up your child before the school day is over, you’ll be required as well to provide us a valid photo ID and to fill out pickup form at the time you wish to pick up your child. This all helps ensure the safety of your child.

Montessori daycare in Richmond.

Did You Know About the After-School Program?

If you or anyone else on your authorized pickup list are unavailable to pick up your child once the school day is over, we do offer an enriching after-school program for our older children. The Meadow Montessori after-school program is a perfect fit for our kindergarteners.

We offer a safe, enriching, and exciting environment for children. Students have the opportunity to complete schoolwork with the assistance of a teacher. Students can also wind down from their day by exploring creative arts, using technology, and engaging in physical activity.

Montessori is Better Than Daycare in Richmond

Don’t consider us another daycare in Richmond, Texas. We offer proven formative activity for children that they also happen to find fun, too! Contact us today for more information regarding all that we have to offer for your child.