Montessori student in Richmond.

Why can’t I bring my child to school any time I want?

Parents and/or child guardians may bring their children to school whenever they prefer, but children arriving later than is scheduled will be at a disadvantage. Classes start Monday through Friday at 8:30 AM and children receive valuable Montessori education from the very start of classes.

Valuable Montessori Education All Day Long

Students at our school receive highly significant classroom instruction from early in the morning until the end of the day. Children missing instruction in the morning may have a hard time catching up to the other children. All children receive personalized, one-on-one instruction with our Montessori-certified expert teachers, but missing hours during the day means less time is able to be spent with the teachers. Missed hours and classes may affect progress in a variety of subjects, including both academic and extracurricular activities alike.

Montessori student in Richmond.

After-School Program

Meadow Montessori School offers an after-school program for students ages 5-12 who are enrolled in any school. Meadow Montessori work through homework with children which helps parents and children who may be struggling with time availabilities. Students are picked up from several local public elementary schools, currently including:

  • Adolphus Elementary School
  • Oakland Elementary School
  • Pecan Grove Elementary School

Once at Meadow Montessori School, students will receive a healthy snack, get help with homework assignments, and participate in enrichment activities. The after-school program is led by our Montessori-certified expert staff.

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