This is How Children Benefit from a Montessori Education

In the early 1900s, Maria Montessori saw great need for reform in the educational system. Her passion became to develop educators and schools that would foster the “whole personality of the child,” not only the academic side.

Within her educational system exist three primary principles:

  • Individual liberty
  • Observation
  • Preparation of the environment

Montessori education allows our children to grow to their fullest potential. The result of a Montessori education is students who become responsible citizens, are respectable, and are involved in their community.

Every Child is Considered a Unique Individual

The Montessori philosophy recognizes that each child learns in a different way, so every learning style is accommodated. Students proceed through the curriculum in their own time when they are ready. All this learning occurs under the guidance of the teacher who develops an individualized learning plan for every student.

Students are Members of a Caring Community of Learners

Multi-age classrooms generally span three years. This type of classroom results in a family-like structure. Older students often take on the role of mentors, guides, and role models. Younger students gain support from their older peers and feel supported and confident when guided by their caring peers. Teachers, of course, also have an active role in the classroom community. Montessori teachers demonstrate kindness and respect and guide students through peaceful conflict resolution when needed.

Students are Actively Engaged in the Learning Process

Teachers set up prepared environments, so that students can utilize tools to answer their own questions. It’s a “hands-on” learning approach, where the student pursues his or her interests through concrete methods. The teacher serves as a facilitator, guiding the student in his or her exploration.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why more and more parents are choosing Montessori education for their children. After all, what parent wouldn’t want an educational system that teaches students as individuals, promotes active learning, and results in productive citizens?

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