Going (Safely) Back to School!

Is your family ready to go back to school? While out-of-classroom learning was certainly an exercise in creativity and flexibility for students, parents, and teachers—we are thrilled to welcome students back to Meadow Montessori!

Montessori’s guiding principle is hands-on instruction; we understand that students benefit from physically interacting with their learning environment, which can be problematic in virtual spaces. So, we have opened our doors to ensure students receive the advantages of a proper Montessori education.

Enriching their minds is our mission. However, protecting their safety, health, and happiness is our priority.

Helping Youngins Adjust to a New World

The COVID-19 pandemic has, of course, been scary for adults. But for our students, it’s been especially alarming and confusing. Why, seemingly out of nowhere, can they no longer hug their best friends or share their snacks and supplies? Indeed, shifting to this new normal might be anxiety-inducing, but we are prepared to make the transition seamless for both students and parents.

How We Have Educated Ourselves

We believe that in order to create a secure learning environment for all, we must educate ourselves, as well. Our Meadow Montessori family has undergone and completed several preparedness training through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Special Considerations for Infection Control During COVID-19: this course helped us develop our plan to prevent the spread of the virus, focusing on non-pharmaceutical interventions (personal, environmental, and community).

High Quality Emergency Child Care During COVID-19: Allowing us to make more informed decisions about staffing, materials, activities, and adult-child interactions, this training has prepared us for teaching practices in the new normal.

In addition, we have been in constant contact with the Fort Bend County Health Department since the pandemic first reached the United States. We also stay up to date on CDC guidelines and recommendations provided by the state of Texas.

Plans We Have in Place

covid safety in the classroom diagram

Partner with FBISD

We have partnered with the Fort Bend Independent School District to ensure that we are following guidelines set by the district. This partnership also ensures that our staff receives the necessary tools and training to support our students. FBISD has decided to go online only for at least the first four weeks of school. We will be facilitating online learning for our Innovators program, allowing students to attend their virtual classes and work on assignments, as long as they bring a tablet or laptop, and headphones if needed.

Face Coverings

Science has proven  that wearing a mask is an extremely effective way to slow and stop the spread of Coronavirus and other illnesses. ALL Meadow Montessori staff members will be wearing masks ALL day. At this time, students wearing face coverings are not required but encouraged.

Health Screenings

Students and staff members will receive a temperature check upon entry to the building. If there is a cause for concern, the student or staff member will not be permitted inside.

Limited Access

We love our classroom parents and other visitors, but at this time, for your safety and ours, we are limiting access to students and staff members only.


At this point, effective handwashing strategies should be second-nature. We also understand just how easy it is for kids’ hands to get dirty. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them to ensure they’re scrubbing and soaping the way they need to — and, we’ll do the same!

Disinfecting & Sanitizing

You can be assured that ALL frequently touched surfaces, spaces, and materials will be disinfected and sanitized as often as possible.

Individually Supplying Materials

We don’t say this often, but at this point in history, sharing isn’t caring. We will be providing each student with an individual supply of pencils, pens, paint-brushes, etc.

Social Distancing

In the hallways and in the classroom, we are encouraging the 6-feet apart rule. Students’ assigned workspaces assure that social distancing practices will be maintained.

Back to School: It’s Gonna Be a Great Year!

From individually packing snacks with love, to singing our new favorite about social distancing and handwashing, we are doing what we can to make practicing safety and health fun.

If you have questions or concerns about what learning will look like at Meadow Montessori this school year, please get in touch with us.

We are excited to empower your independent thinkers and future leaders with a nurturing, peaceful, and joyful learning environment!